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Maintenance intervals for tune components


Our components are high-tech parts and require regular maintenance to ensure proper function. This article provides information on the required maintenance intervals.

Maintenance intervals

The required maintenance intervals are largely depended on the conditions of use. Generally we require these maintenance intervals:



Thorough inspection of the component under normal operating conditions (depending on the component, cleaning, disassembly, replacement of wear parts, lubrication, adjustment)

1x per year

Thorough inspection in adverse operating conditions (regular rides in the rain, heavy pollution, snow & salt, dust)

4x per year

Check tightening torques

Every 20 operating hours

Thorough component inspection for defects

Before and after every ride

Service in the event of abnormalities (noise, deformation, limited function)


Cleaning according to care instructions

After every ride

Failure to comply with the maintenance intervals may result in defects and injuries! Check all components for damage and proper function before and after each ride. In case of defects, the component must not be used. In this case, contact your dealer immediately!

Replacement parts

Should spare parts be necessary after a defect or due to wear, only original tune spare parts may be used! Spare parts can be obtained from a tune dealer.

The use of third-party spare parts will void the warranty and may result in defects!

Performing maintenance

Maintenance work on tune components must always be carried out by an official dealer with the aid of the appropriate tune tools. The required tools can be obtained directly from us.

Maintenance instructions are provided for selected maintenance tasks. These must be followed when carrying out the task. Defects resulting from improper maintenance are not covered by the warranty!


All components have a limited lifetime.

The safety requirements and test methods defined in the current standards for offroad mountain bikes and racing bikes for amateur use on public roads define a finite number of load cycles to be endured. This test method implies a limited service life of the tested components. We recommend replacing components after about 3 years of use. The time of replacement depends on the intensity of use.

Regular maintenance in accordance with the maintenance intervals and observance of the assembly instructions maximizes the durability of the components.

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