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Cleaning instructions


Proper cleaning is important to preserve function and appearance of your tune components as long as possible. This article explains what to consider during cleaning.

What should be considered during cleaning?

If the components are used regularly, regular cleaning is also recommended. We recommend cleaning after each ride. Use under special conditions (rain, high temperatures, winter with road salt) may require particularly thorough cleaning to avoid damage.

For cleaning we recommend the following cleaners and tools:

  • Water - warm if needed (<55°C/<131°F).
  • Mild cleaner - Check compatibility with the component on a non-visible area before further use!
The use of aggressive cleaners must be avoided! Depending on the ingredients, the cleaner may attack or damage anodized surfaces or plastics! Acetone, for example, can damage the surface of carbon components.
  • Sponge or microfiber cloth.
  • Possibly compressed air for drying.
Cleaning must not be carried out with a high-pressure cleaner! The high water pressure carries moisture and dirt past seals and can thus damage bearings and cause corrosion inside components!

What is the procedure for cleaning?

  1. Wet the component to be cleaned generously with water to wash off coarse dirt.
  2. Apply cleaner and allow to act according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Rinse off cleaner generously. If necessary, repeat application and rinsing until surface is completely cleaned.
  4. Depending on the geometry of the component, the use of a sponge or microfiber cloth can be helpful in removing dirt. Be careful not to damage the surface through adhering dirt particles on the sponge or cloth.
Persistent, dried-in dirt should not be removed by a more aggressive cleaner! A longer soaking with water is better suited to loosen the soiling!
  1. After cleaning, the component should be dried to avoid water spots and corrosion. Compressed air or a dry, soft cloth are suitable for drying.

Following these cleaning instructions will ensure the proper function of your tune components and preserve their appearance.

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