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Crash replacement

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Conditions Crash Replacement


In addition to the statutory warranty, tune GmbH grants a voluntary Crash Replacement on its components. Should your tune product be defective and unrideable following a crash, accident or after reaching its end of life we grant you a special discount on the MRSP of a replacement component. This article describes the conditions and procedure to claim a Crash Replacement.


The following condtions apply for our Crash Replacement program:

  • tune GmbH reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis at its own discretion about the extent of the concession.
  • The replacement only applies to the identical product or the successor product.
  • tune GmbH reserves the right to replace the damaged item with an equivalent alternative item.
  • The defect has to interfere with the usability of the component (cosmetic defects are not covered).
  • Defective components become the property of tune GmbH.
  • Crash Replacement is handled directly between tune GmbH and the end customer.
  • There is no legal claim to a Crash Replacement offer.


Please follow this procedure to claim Crash Replacement for a defective component:

  1. Create a service ticket on our website. Please add all relevant information like date of purchase, invoice copy and pictures of the defect. Don't forget to add your address for the return shipment!
  2. We create a non-binding offer to replace the product.
  3. After accepting the offer we will send you the address to ship your defective component to us. The component becomes property of tune GmbH and will be recycled.
  4. After you shipment has reached us we will arrange for replacement as soon as possible.
Shipments that are not linked to an existing service ticket will be sent back at the recipients cost and will not be processed!

Complex Crash Replacement inquiries might require an inspection at our facility before an offer can be made (e.g. for wheel repairs). In this case we charge a 30€ processing free plus shipping cost if the offer is refused. By sending your defective component to us you agree to paying this processing fee.

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