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Paper & cardboard disposal

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Disposal of paper & cardboard

We mainly use paper & cardboard to package our products. The packaging material can be reused or recycled after their intended use. This article provides information about the correct disposal of paper & cardboard waste.

Where can I dispose paper & cardboard?

Paper & cardboard waste from product packaging can be disposed via the household recycling bin in most countries. Please follow the local guidelines of your waste disposal service concerning the disposal of paper & cardboard.

Information about additional disposal centers can be found at your local waste disposal service.

What must be considered during disposal?

  • Flatten cardboad boxes so they require less space!
  • Composite packging (laminates of paper, plastics and metals) might need to be disposed separately. Please consult your local waste disposal service.
  • Make sure your paper & cardboard waste is not contaminated or mixed with other waste.
The legal disposal guidelines apply. Any waste generated must be disposed of properly and without causing damage.

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