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Plastic disposal

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Disposal of plastics

During the development of our products we strive to reduce the amount of plastics used for the component and its packaging to a minimum. Certain components have to be made from plastics and can not be replaced by a different material (seals, packaging for liquids etc.). This article provides information about the correct disposal of plastics.

The disposal of carbon differs from the disposal of regular plastics! Learn more about the disposal of carbon here:

Why should I recycle plastics?

Plastic waste is a valuable resource and has to be fed into the material cycle! New products can be made from waste without consuming new resources.

Where can I dispose plastics?

Plastic waste from product packaging can be disposed via the household recycling bin in most countries. Please follow the local guidelines of your waste disposal service concerning the disposal of plastics.

Information about additional disposal centers can be found at your local waste disposal service.

What must be considered during disposal?

  • Separate different plastics whenever possible. Separated materials are easier to recycle.
  • Make sure your plastic waste is not contaminated or mixed with other waste.
The legal disposal guidelines apply. Any waste generated must be disposed of properly and without causing damage.

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