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Manuals archive for older products

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Manuals archive

This article collects manuals for older products. If there are several versions of a manual, check which version applies to your product!

Please follow our changed service procedures! Older manuals may still mention outdated procedures for registering warranty claims! Separate articles on warranty and crash replacement provide information on our current service procedures!


Manual Rolff Grip Shifter for Rohloff german/english


Manual Carbon pad holders german/english 05/2015

Manual Kill Hill brake german


Manual RH1 bar ends german/english 04/2014

Manual Turnstange carbon handlebar german/english 03/2016

Manual Wunderbar carbon handlebar german/english 08/2016

Manual Carbon ahead cap german/english 11/2016

Manual Verhüterli ahead cap german/english 12/2016

Manual Energieträger for steerer tube german/english 04/2017


Manual Wasserträger Uni german/english 03/2016

Manual Wasserträger Skyline german/english 06/2015


Manual Ruhrpott cup german/english 03/2016

Cranksets & bottom brackets

​Manual Black Foot german/english 09/2016

Manual Smart Foot german/english 04/2016

Manual Bottom bracket kits german 10/2014

Manual Big Foot german 05/2015

Manual Big Foot german/english 04/2014

Manual Fast Foot german/englisch 2008

Manual Sixpack bottom bracket german/english

Manual AC38 bottom bracket german/english 2016

Dimensions Chainring bolts german/english


Manual Dörte german 11/2014

Manual Singlespeeder D german 11/2014

Manual Mig66/Mig75 german

Manual Mig66/Mig75 german from 11/2000

Manual Mag150 15mm german 2012

Manual Mag180 15mm german 2012

Manual Mag200/Mag215 german

Manual Kong 15mm german 2012

Quickreleases & thru-axles

Manual DC15 thru-axle german/english 07/2014

Manual DC12 thru-axle german/english 02/2013

Manual U20 quickrelease german/english

Manual U30 thru-axle german 01/2016

Manual U30 thru-axle german/english 02/2013

Dimensions thru-axles german 06/2016

Seat area

Manual Cappy ISP german/english

Manual Würger seatpost clamp german/english 01/2016

Manual Würger Skyline seatpost clamp german/english 01/2017

Manual Energieträger for seatpost german/english 04/2017

Manual Schwarzes Stück seatpost german/english 07/2014


Headset installation dimensions english

Overview headsets german


Manual Spurtreu german/english 01/2017

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